From Zo, To Israel, With Tough Love. (You’re Tough. You Can Take It.)


by Alfonzo Rachel

No matter what it is, or how annoying, or even in the case of the issue surrounding Israel, I’m not one to say, ‘Hey singers! Shut up and sing!’ They’ve got 1st amendment rights too, even if they’re as young and naive as Selena Slomez. I Mean Gomez.

(Sorry, Selena. I was gonna say ‘Selena Sizzle’ to make your name pop! But in a tongue twist it came out Slomez.)

Even people like her have the right to speak their minds. You can call her a dumb dumb if ya want to, she still found a way to use her talents keep get the attention of
a lot of people.

Unfortunately she’s another celebrity lending her status to be part of a machine of destructive influence.

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