Zimmerman Found Not Guilty But Is He Really Free?


The jury announced its verdict on Saturday, freeing George Zimmerman, but is he really free? I am not here to discuss whether or not he is guilty, but rather to talk about the facts regarding his case. I was not in the court room listening to hours of debate and questioning, and it was not my job to determine his standing, so I will not attempt to try.

I do, on the other hand have an understanding of the United States justice system. Have you ever heard “innocent until proven guilty?” Thankfully, in the United States you are innocent until proven guilty. Again, I was not in the courtroom so I am not debating this case. In order to convict someone at that level you must be 100% certain that they are guilty. Is it better to let a guilty man go free, than to have an innocent man convicted? I believe it is.

It is amazing how many people have been voicing their opinion about this case when in fact, they have no idea of what really happened. Do people trust our justice system? Should they? Even if they do not, is it right to voice their opinion with bits and pieces of information provided by the media? This appears to have been a very difficult trial with very little evidence involved. They were not able to prove that he was not acting out of self-defense, and for that, he is a free man.

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