“You’re Showering Too Long!” Barks Our Federal Nanny


Comedy wouldn’t be funny if there weren’t a kernel of truth in it. Remember the 1996 Seinfeld episode based on the problem with the new, low-pressure showerheads that couldn’t rinse the shampoo out of Kramer’s hair? That led him to contact some Yugoslav black marketeers so he could buy and covertly install a high-power showerhead instead. (Naturally, that one proved to be much too powerful.)

Twenty years ago, Americans were already feeling the effects of nanny state regulations on their use of water and things have been getting steadily worse in that respect. That’s because it’s now almost impossible to keep politicians and bureaucrats from doing what so many of them love to do: dictating how Americans live.

In 1994, Congress mandated that showerheads deliver no more than 2.5 gallons of water per minute – hence the Seinfeld script. Why this busybody rule? Because some people with political influence maintain that we’re using too much water and it’s up to the government to prevent that.

Consider the argument advanced in this recent Washington Post article: If 20 percent of our shower water is wasted, “you’re talking about over 200 billion gallons, in a world where gigantic states (California) and megacities (Sao Paulo, Brazil) are suffering from drought and water scarcity problems are expected to become still worse in the decades ahead.”
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