Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It


These words might seem familiar if you are a Mission: Impossible fan, whether the current series of movies or the old television weekly. I have been inundated by comments regarding a recently-posted piece in which I speak to the waking up of the American people. Part of the awakening is predicated on the American ability to see what is going on in the nation and to compare that to what the Founding Fathers actually “brought forth on this continent.”

Could Lincoln have known that the immediate “Civil War” to which he referenced and a future unknown that we would face would be similar in its division of the people but different in principle? Conditions prior to the War between the States had both economic and philosophical factors that produced the schism and drove the nation to war.

Today we face a misuse of the Founding Principles as a battering ram to allow a foreign notion to not only take root in the Republic, but to undermine it as well. Today we face not a battle of equals but a battle of false notions versus truth. Islam does not equal Christianity as philosophy. One notion dominates by virtue of a denial of equality and the domination and suppression of freedoms and liberties.

All are not “equal” under the laws of Islam. Each man or woman are not considered whole persons if qualifications are not met.

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