You, Sir, Are Not Oppressed


Oppress \ə-ˈpres\

  1. To keep down by severe and unjust use of force or authority.
  2. To cause to feel worried or depressed.
  3. To overwhelm or crush.

If someone is paying your way, for example they pay for your rent, your utilities, your groceries, your clothing, or your children’s food, you are not oppressed.

You might be coddled and spoiled, but no one is keeping you down by force or authority. The few limits you face are imposed upon you by your benefactor and your own acquiescence to such benefaction. If the benefactor happens to be malevolent and says you must live in a ghetto of his design there is no force or authority that benefactor can use to make you acquiesce. You choose to take the money and accept the terms, or you refuse to be a puppet of others and move on. If you move on and feel worried and depressed, well, welcome to adulthood. But there is no one out there in America threatening to overwhelm or crush you. You are not oppressed.

If you are able to spend a little time walking down to the local mart in a pair of orange Nike boats where you shoplift the paraphernalia needed to spend the rest of your day high on marijuana, you are not oppresse
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