You May Be Surprised Who Soared in Polls after Last GOP Debate


Ben Carson’s moment now really appears to have passed. He’s dropped down to 6%, after being at 19% in mid-November.

Marco Rubio is really treading water. He was at 13% last month, and he’s at 13% this month.

Cruz has the upper hand with each of the closely related groups of Tea Party and ‘very conservative’ voters. He’s at 38% with ‘very conservative’ voters versus 32% for Trump, with no one else getting more than 8%. And he’s at 41% with Tea Party voters and 32% for Trump with no one else getting more than 9%.

Trump is the biggest gainer since our last national poll in mid-November, going from 26% to 34%. He’s also become more broadly popular with GOP voters, with his favorability rating going from 51/37 up to 58/34.

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