You Don’t Have to be a Texan to Save a Baby’s Life


When we conservatives hear the word Texas, we tip our imaginary cowboy hats at nothin’ and let an easy smile creep up. Don’t we just get all warm and fuzzy? Texans are our people. Texas is the same state that had a White House petition going last year, requesting to secede from the United States based on Constitutional violations by the Obama administration. Mmm. That’s ‘Merica right there, dangit! Texas is our jam, amIright?

The Texas House of Representatives passed a pro-life law restricting abortions after 20 weeks. There was a slight delay in getting the ball rolling due to a mob of angry pro-choicers and an 11-hour filibuster by Wendy Davis, but its looking as though the bill, now headed to the Senate, will pass, being that all the added amendments proposed by Democrats were shot down.

So, due to all the baby talk happening in the lone star state, its only natural that the angry abortion activists are out raging. Monday, when an angry pro-choicer started speaking her mind about how Republican legislators are “a bunch of liars who hate women,” she got dragged away by Texan state troopers for, um, speaking over her time limit.

Should she maybe have been given the opportunity to finish her thought? Sure. Was she probably removed so forcibly because the Texan troopers had some righteous anger washing over them? Sure. But, of course, being a staunch God-fearing pro-lifer myself, I was delighted to see her pulled off the microphone by my fellow baby-defending state troopers. Obviously, I’m biased.

The thing is, this woman isn’t just some liberal. Even pro-choice Americans are usually fairly moderate in their opinions on abortion. Most Americans, no matter which side of the issue they’re on, will agree that an abortion ban after 20 weeks (5 months) – when the baby can feel physical pain – is necessary. There are currently 12 states that have the 20 week abortion ban.

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