Yes, Planned Parenthood Fans, the Word is ‘Eugenics’


Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger, a racist eugenicist who sought to decrease the populations of blacks, Latinos and the poor in general — anyone she deemed “unfit.” Planned Parenthood today is still following that plan.

Try telling that to liberals and watch their heads spin off their shoulders.

To most pro-abortionists, the idea of Planned Parenthood engaging in eugenics is outrageous. Isn’t that the thing that Hitler was doing with the Holocaust?

Yes it was. Unfortunately, defeating Hitler didn’t make the ideas of eugenics go away, and those ideas have been put into effect in many countries, including the old Soviet Union and China. And it crops up under different guises in modern liberal thinking, such as when environmentalists and United Nations types start talking about population reduction, global overpopulation or “sustainability.”
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