Yes, Mosques Can Be Closed


Donald Trump was interviewed this week by Stuart Varney of Fox News about how he would deal with the threat of Islam. Varney asked Trump about plans being considered in the UK to deal with the growing menace of the radical religion of Muhammad .

What stumped Trump and got him floundering around in the water was the question about whether the religious freedom guarantees in our Constitution require us to leave mosques alone.

The answer to Varney’s question depends on whether we use the Constitution as crafted by the Founders or as mangled by the courts.

If we understand the term “religion” in the First Amendment to refer to any system of supernatural belief, as activist judges have done, then we have no way to close mosques or even to stop the erecting of giant statues of Satan right next to Ten Commandments monuments on government property.

But if we understand “religion” as the Founders did, to refer specifically to Christianity, then there is a perfectly constitutional way to shut down mosques starting today.

There is a perfectly constitutional way to shut down mosques starting today. Click to Tweet

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