Yes! I’m Running for Office! Vote Jackson!


by Victoria Jackson

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I “pulled papers” for the Williamson County Commissioner position. District 2. This is my first time running for office. I want to be an example to other moms, and regular folk to get involved in their local government. It’s the only way we will save America. See story in The Tennessean here.

I have just become an “empty nester” so I have time in between acting jobs to get involved. (I’m doing stand up comedy with Joe Piscopo and Father Guido Sarducci Feb. 21 and shooting a movie in Louisiana in May.) I was recently at the TN Capital supporting House Bill 1129 which would require schools to teach The Constitution, the Declaration, our founding documents, and Americans whose achievements have helped the world. Yes, it’s shocking that our schools are not teaching this anymore.

I’m against Common Core which was bribed into existence. States took federal money in exchange for promising to implement a program which they had not seen, had not voted on, and that had never been tried. Common Core 1) dumbs down students 2) gathers a data base full of personal information on the parents which could be used against “political dissidents” 3) Common Core textbooks contain pro-socialist, pro-communist, pro-Islamic, and pro-racist propaganda, and sexually explicit and inappropriate content, i.e. how to masturbate. (See article here.) This is unacceptable. Common Core is the beginning of federal control over our children. Go to and

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