Yellowstone Park: Next Site of Obama Gestapo Tactics!


by Tami Jackson

Americans who lived through the 50′s vividly remember the tales of Gestapo horror in Hitler’s Germany: the Third Reich was a fearsome and evil war machine that voraciously disregarded the sanctity of human life.
The Gestapo acted on the whim of any and all of Hitler’s demands. But those days in the late 1930′s and early 1940′s seem a world away, nothing but amazing tales of a sinister, totalitarian regime to those born in the ensuing decades.

Until now. Most Conservative pundits and writers I know, myself included, have tempered their speech and modifiers concerning Barack Obama.

At first only a few would venture to call the new, 1/2 black president a Socialist. Until Obama began rolling out economic and social policies that went far beyond the constraints of Socialism. Indeed, the newly re-elected American President and his worldview would warm the heart of Karl Marx.

A proponent of Saul Alinsky and his Rules for Radicals, Obama promised to fundamentally change America. And so he has.

But the change we are now seeing with the government shutdown, change in the form of a petulant tantrum intended to hurt the American people and their morale, this change is like an electric shock to the system.

And with the shock comes distant memories surfacing from the “anterior cingulate” region of the brain, long-forgotten tales of a people in a distant land corralled by an evil regime.

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