WWII: The interpretive dance edition


by J.E. Dyer

Yes, they went there. Video from a nobly straight-faced MSNBC is going viral as you read this. Our allies the French decided to commemorate D-Day with an interpretive dance presentation of World War II during the heads-of-state ceremony.

The reactions of the heads of state are priceless, but it’s hard to pick from among the memorable images spawned by this pièce de résistance. Personally, I’m partial to the dumpy “oppressed peoples” wandering about in shades of gray, mugging and collapsing artistically among the phalanx of sinister, black-clad Nazis.

But the Nazis give the oppressed peoples a run for their money, with their choreographed arm-waving in ranks, so reminiscent of those black-and-white photos of Hitlerjugend lined up on parade fields. Sure, why not. There should be a polka breaking out any minute, and some transgressive pointy-toed skipping. Where’s Nathan Lane when we need him? Mel Brooks? Bueller?

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