Would American Flag be Outlawed If Dylann Roof Had Waved It Instead of Confederate Flag?


The reaction to the Confederate Flag has gotten completely out of control and only demonstrates just how much black racists are influencing our nation.

On June 17, Dylann Roof sat in on a Bible study group for an hour before pulling out a gun and shooting those that only sought to learn more of God’s Word. Nine of Roof’s ten victims died from their wounds, including Pastor/State Senator Clementa Pinckney.

There is no doubt that Roof’s motive was racial and for that we all condemn him. However, because he posted a video that showed him with a Confederate flag, the flag has been vilified as if it is responsible for the murders. Yes he did display the American flag only to burn it, but what if he had burned the Confederate flag and waved the American flag?

Black activists have come out of the woodwork demanding that every Confederate flag and anything displaying a Confederate flag be removed from all of American society. They forget some of the true history behind the Confederate flag and only see their own blind racial hatred.

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