World War III Started on September 11, 2001


Many remember the day for many different reasons, but it was the day that America’s homeland was successfully attacked by a pseudo-religious cult bent on the domination of the world. The attack was against innocent civilians who had gone to work not knowing that Muslims around the world had declared war (jihad) against America, Christianity and the civilized world. The media and most governments have attempted to downplay these facts.

The war that we are now fighting has the ebb and flow of all wars – open and bloody conflict, sneak attacks, psychological warfare, the surrender of territory, the fog of war, the loss of innocent life, the death of protagonists.

What has marked this as a different is that it is a continuation of the conflict led by Mohammed in his attempt to rule his ever-expanding empire through the vicious murder of all who would stand in his way or refuse to bow the knee to his perverse pseudo-religious and political dogma. It has gone on for at least a millennium.
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