WONDER WOMAN, Where are You?


Once upon a time . . . we lived in an America where Beaver Cleaver’s stay-at-home mom vacuumed the floors and served up advice and pot roast for Sunday family dinners which included granny and gramps.

We-the-children read books, listened to radio programs, climbed trees, built forts, rode bikes, and watched the weekly news at movie theater double-feature matinees. We cheered for Wonder Woman and Superman, our trusted heroes who courageously fought for truth, justice, and the American way.

Our teachers encouraged us to excel in reading, English, math, science, and history. We competed with each other both scholastically and athletically to sharpen our minds and strengthen our bodies. We were the best students on the planet, products of locally administered public schools, involved parents, and teachers who cared about our intellectual development.

The glue that bonded our communities together was love of family, country, and God. If someone faced a temporary emergency (like job loss or illness) our churches and synagogues stepped up to lend a hand. When the emergency had passed, those who had received assistance turned around and helped others in need. Working together, we created an endless circle of giving that strengthened our families, our communities, our country, and enriched our lives.

Uncle Sam was our partner in war and peace. America had joined with our allies to win a long and terrible war against tyranny. When it was over, freedom prevailed, and Uncle Sam helped everyone (even those who had started the wars in the first place), rebuild their countries, their economies, and their lives.

The new normal for America is totally different.

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