Women make BAD fathers


by Laura Fillault

Here’s a statement certain to send a shock-wave through the Feminist Movement: women make BAD fathers. And despite all the gains by gays in the marriage debate, Lesbians do not make good fathers either.

I’m sure there is an effort underway in the gay community to redefine “father,” as an asexual, non-gender-specific organism that can be replaced by anything, including Big Brother. The dominating Liberal culture may try to redefine marriage, but as we say in Texas,

“They can put your boots in the oven, but that don’t make ‘em biscuits.”

When are we going to admit that we need dads back in their proper place in the home? Lord knows that single women have tried it on their own for some time, and they pretty much suck at playing both roles. Before you decide to protest that statement, I’m not condemning single mothers per se. There are a few of them who manage to raise good children, as people like Dr. Ben Carson are excellent representatives.

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