Women in Combat Zone Alongside Men: Wrong on So Many Levels


by Michele Hickford

Image via Anthony Correia / Shutterstock.com

Before you get all upset about the title of this article, read the byline. This isn’t LTC Allen West writing, it’s a woman.

I completely agree with this assessment from female Marine Iraq vet Jude Eden that women should not be on the front lines in combat alongside men. As Eden says,

It’s not all about qualification. I’m speaking as a female Marine Iraq war vet who did serve in the combat zone doing entry checkpoint duty in Fallujah, and we worked with the grunts daily for that time. All the branches still have different standards for females and males. Why? Because most women wouldn’t even qualify to be in the military if they didn’t have separate standards. Men and women are different, but those pushing women into combat don’t want to admit that truth.

I shoot. I can do 50 man-style push-ups in one set. But I’m 4’10’ and weigh 95 pounds. There’s no way in hell I could fireman-carry a wounded 180-pound male soldier off the battlefield. I absolutely do not believe standards should be “relaxed” to allow pipsqueaks like me to qualify in the name of equality and fairness. If I can’t do everything the average male soldier can do in combat, I shouldn’t be in combat. Simple as that.

Because every time we relax or change or reduce the standards for our soldiers, we reduce the efficacy of our military. Combat is hell. The objective on the battlefield is to break things and kill people, not make people feel better about themselves and their sexuality.

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