Witness “Arm in Bear Trap” Guy


by Joe Wurzelbacher

Ever get your arm caught in a bear trap? We know a guy who did. But the reason you’re reading about it on JoeForAmerica is that he did it on purpose. Yeah, I said it. Bear trap. Arm. On purpose.. Some background:

Much has been written about the “Kardashian Culture” that much of America has bought into over the past 15 years. It involves people becoming rich and famous for reasons not of traditional means. But with the advent of smart phones and social media – it’s now devolved into becoming just a little famous for a tiny bit of time for just about any reason..

Witness the “Arm in Bear trap” guy:

It would be pretty easy to blame the people over at MTV’s “Jackass” for this bear trap “stunt” – if it is indeed a stunt and not just a complete fool who has an extra arm to spare. But it’s more than that and is a result of a sleazy touch of all these people on American culture, with the base evil being our old friend, “greed.”

There used to be an old TV show called; “The Honeymooners,” which starred Jackie Gleason as Ralph Cramden – an east coast bus driver, his wife Alice and their friends Ed and Trixie. Ralph and Alice had a bedroom off the kitchen, which I’m sure they slept in, but we never saw it because they never actually went in there together. Why?

Because of standards.

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