The War on Christmas still continues, and in fact, just recently the VA Hospital in Salem, Virginia, said that it was going to ban Christmas trees. And then there was all kinds of public backlash and fortunately they backed down so they will have — voilá! — a Christmas tree. Whatever else it is, it’s certainly not a “holiday tree,” it’s definitely a Christmas tree and it doesn’t celebrate any other holiday…

Matt Barber: Well Mat, case after case after case, have well-documented the fact that this Obama administration is hostile to Christianity, to Christian principles, and to Christians everywhere, but particularly within the United States military. The VA here, this VA Hospital, this manifesting itself, we shouldn’t be surprised in the form of an attack on the celebration of Christmas…

Well, the folks, the employees, the staff, and others, veterans and others were having none of it and they pushed back. That’s what you do against bullies is you push back. And so the good news is we have a nice victory to report here.

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