Will this State Finally Secede? Looking Possible!


The Constitutional Convention began on May 25, 1787 and ended on September 17, 1787 with the signing of the Constitution of the United States of America. On June 8, 1789, Rep. James Madison introduced legislation proposing 39 amendments to the Constitution. By September 25, 1789, Madison’s 39 amendments had been pared down to just 10, much to the dismay of Madison.

Those ten amendments were finally ratified on December 15, 1791 and became known as the Bill of Rights.

One of the things that Madison and others wanted to insure was the power of the states over the newly formed federal government. That gave rise to the 10th Amendment.

The illegal reversal of the 10th Amendment has spurred a number of calls for a new convention, but very little has been done to bring one about, that is until Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced his call for a new constitutional convention perhaps better known as a Convention of States.

He is tired of having to battle the federal government over his state’s rights to restrict gay marriage, abortion, protect the border with Mexico and protect the voting process in the largest conservative state in the nation.

In calling for the first Constitutional Convention since 1787, Abbott is proposing nine amendments to be added to the US Constitution….

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