Will Hillary Actually Be the Democratic Nominee?


A though-provoking opinion piece from the Team at Dennis Michael Lynch.com asks the question: will Hillary lose the nomination for the Democratic party?

Clinton’s inevitable nomination has been touted as a sure thing by the media, the Democratic party, and everyone else except Sanders fans, for that matter. 

But if she loses the June 7 California primary to Sanders, everything changes, the WSJ says.

Polls show Clinton with only a 2% lead over Sanders in California.  Schoen says even if she has a narrow win, Sanders still gets 250 pledged delegates, or more.  California is clearly leaning in his direction, and if history repeats itself, he will do better in the actual election than in the polls.

California has gained nearly 1.5 million newly registered Democratic voters since January 1, which is going to help Sanders.

If Sanders does win California, it will make Hillary look weak as a candidate to the superdelegates who have been backing Clinton, making them question to wisdom of continuing to stand behind her.

Read the full piece at Dennis Michael Lynch.com

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