Will Germany cancel Oktoberfest!?


NOTE…first segment has hum. sorry!

Hr1 Free the nipple rally… is this really necessary?

Throw back audio of President Obama… he said he would be foregoing vacations & leisure time. Maybe what he considers vacation & leisure isn’t what I consider it to be.

Veteran Brady Frink WORKED in the VA and couldn’t get his VA paperwork processed! When he contacted his Congresswoman for assistance, the VA fired him in retaliation!

Why should skin color matter when it comes to college recruitment?

Hr2 Women disrupt a Muslim conference by jumping on stage topless. And they’re shocked when they get forcefully dragged off?

The dangerous nationalism of making English our official language? What?!?!

Actor/singer Will Smith’s fatal mistake… it involves a huge donation to Louis Farrakhan’s group.

The fallout coming to Baltimore… it’s not over. Autopsy report finally released shows Freddie Gray wasn’t murdered.

Hr3 Seattle hires waste inspectors to check your trash. #GarbagePatrol

For Pope’s visit, Obama invites a pro-abort nun, gay Episcopal bishop, and LGBT ‘Catholic’ activists.

Judge who jailed Kim Davis ordered students who opposed homosexuality to be re-educated. Shocking! Activist judge.

Muslims request German Oktoberfest to be cancelled because it’s offensive to them. Maybe they picked the wrong country to immigrate to.

Scientists say Africa’s deserts are getting greener & saving lives! Thank God for Climate Change!

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