Will DOJ Charge Border Patrol Agents with Racial Profiling?


Barack Obama and his corrupt administration are doing everything they can, mostly illegally, to promote his agendas. He has used his equally corrupt Department of Justice to prevent law enforcement agencies from doing their jobs if those jobs hinder his agenda.

The first case involves the DOJ attack on the Ferguson Police Department after the shooting of Michael Brown. The DOJ did not believe the grand jury decision that cleared Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson of any wrong doing. They launched their own investigation with full intent to prosecute a white cop for shooting a black teen. However, the DOJ investigation also cleared Officer Wilson of any wrong doing.

But the DOJ followed up with a scathing report that charged the Ferguson Police Department with racial profiling because they arrest more blacks than all other ethnic groups. Holder completely disregarded the fact that the blacks in Ferguson are committing more crimes than the other ethnic groups because that would not bode well for his and Obama’s race war that they have been fueling. Perhaps if Obama can fuel a nationwide race war that turns violent enough, it could give him the opportunity to declare a state of emergency and take over the country.
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