Will Chris Christie Outlast Hillary Clinton? Does Benghazi Trump Bridgegate?


Just a few months ago, Gov. Christie Christie of N.J. was widely viewed as the Republican frontrunner in the 2016 race against Hillary Clinton, the wife of the former president, who served as secretary of state under President Obama and before, that was the U.S. Senator for New York. The “smoking gun” email that was uncovered by Judicial Watch linking a White House aide to U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice is bad news for Hillary. But unlike Christie, she has allies in the news media who will bend every which way to put in a good light. How does that front-page New York Times story apologizing for Hillary look now?

Going forward, I suspect Team Clinton will find a way to blame Obama and distance itself from the White House. Watch for that. But how does Benghazi stack up against Bridgegate? Is there any evidence yet that the governor of N.J. was complicit? I’ve always said the Republican candidate for president has to be so good that he beats the media and the Democrat. Christie is capable of doing this and I hope he’s still ambitious to jump in and run. He has taken his hits on Bridgegate.

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