Why Walker and the Rest Hate Trump


Trump has never served in — or even run for — any political office, anywhere, ever. Indeed, it would be probably fair to estimate around 99.9% of his adult life has revolved around things other than politics. He’s spent decades a highly successful real-estate tycoon, TV personality, and brand manager, but never served so much as a single term as county dogcatcher.

During this era in the political wilderness, The Donald’s been something of a partisan agnostic. He formally re-registered his party affiliation five times since the 1980s, beginning as a liberal New York Republican, followed by an idealistic stint in Ross Perot’s Reform party in the late 1990s (nearly running as their 2000 presidential candidate), before moving to the Democrats for most of the Dubya era. His fiery speech at the 2011 CPAC conference is considered by many to be his coming out as a unqualified conservative — at age 65.

Trump is a quintessentially American success story and the country has watched his rise with pride, envy, and fascination. It wouldn’t be much of a stretch to say millions of Americans have literally grown up with him — along with his hotels, his casinos, over a dozen seasons of The Apprentice, and a well-worn track on the talk show circuit, he’s appeared in everything from Pizza Hut commercials to Home Alone 2. He enjoys a easy rapport with the American people born from a very real, very human personality defined by sass, humor, candor, and a consistently no-BS attitude.
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