Why the Confederate Flag Could be Bigger than Ever


I contend that the knee-jerk reaction to the Confederate Battle flag flap is going to backfire. There will be more Confederate flags flying out of defiance. Nobody likes to be told what they can and cannot do even if they have no affinity for Civil War memorabilia.

People don’t like to be pushed, especially be liberal hypocrites who have their own racial baggage.

There’s a scene from the 1967 film The Dirty Dozen where Lee Marvin’s character, Maj. John Reisman, is teaching self-defense to a dozen of misfit-nothing-to-loser soldiers who have been released from a military prison to train for a special suicide mission during WW II.

The first lesson is how to defend against a knife attack. Maj. Reisman picks out Samson Posey — Clint Walker — the biggest of all the men. He’s 6’ 6” and weighs around 270 pounds. If Reisman can defend himself against Posey, then the men can do equally well against opponents with some training.
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