Why Only Publicize Black Deaths, When Whites, Others Killed By Police?


If you have not had the time to check out the website called Killed by Police, I strongly recommend it. There, you will see people killed by police officers and they include whites, blacks, Asians, Hispanics, and other nationalities. The website provides names, photos, and locations of the individuals killed.

Since January 1st of 2015, until May 12th of 2015, there have been 420 people killed by police. This does not mean that every individual was “innocent” or gave police no reason to kill the victim. It is to point out that unlike what we are hearing in the media, it’s not just black people who are being killed by the wrong end of a police officer’s gun. All ethnicities are being killed by law enforcement officials.

This article is not to blame or denigrate law enforcement. It is actually to blame and denigrate the media for their half-assed reporting, reporting that makes one sit up and take notice for the obvious bias. It is clear, when we view statistics and specific individual cases (like those listed at Killed by Police), that there is a problem, but unlike what lying black leaders and the media would have us believe, neither white people or police officers are out “hunting” blacks and police officers shoot and kill people of all races yearly, not simply black people.

This article only addresses the issue of people killed by police officers. It does not go into the tremendous amount of black on white crime, which completely eclipses the amount of white on black crime.
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