Why Not Buy a Gun?


Our world today is connected by the internet. We have internet on our computers, tablets, and now, phones. Social media overwhelms our day with alerts and notifications, and along with social media is news media. When a story breaks it does not take long for everyone to get word. No one can deny that the media is in general, negatively toned. No one can also deny the fact that there are many more stories surfacing about gun violence today than in the past. So, should you own a gun?

The media has hindered the way Americas should view guns. Guns are not bad, but rather, irresponsible people with guns are bad. The media has been able to enter the minds of Americas, convincing them that guns should be banned. Think with me for a second. When a gun is misused by a person we typically call them the bad guy. Bad guys will always have guns and misuse them, even if they are banned. Now on the contrary, what if everyone were to have a gun? What if more people obtained a conceal carry permit? If people realized that the odds of someone around them having a gun are greater than the odds of someone not having a gun, there would be fewer misuses of guns. I live in Kennesaw, Georgia, where a law was passed that the home owner is required to own a gun. Since the passing of this law the crime rate has decreased.

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