Why Is America Cyber-Attacking Itself?


As Providence would have it, your humble columnist has been gifted a rare glimpse into a cloistered dress rehearsal for the stage play that is intended to touch off World War III.

On July 9, FBI Director James Comey reported that the agency several stopped potential acts of terrorism in the month before the July 4 holiday. Comey said they suspect that some of the more than 10 individuals arrested during that time were planning to exploit the holiday by committing acts of terror, although he shared no details of the potential plots that were supposedly thwarted, nor information on the identity of any individuals the FBI arrested.

For reasons that will become apparent, I have very good reason to believe that Comey’s story is a complete fiction. If any arrests were made, they likely involved Islamist wannabe patsies whom the FBI had been instructed to entrap – something at which they have become particularly adept since one Barack Hussein Obama took office.

On July 8 at the New York Stock Exchange, as nervous investors were dealing with plunging Chinese stocks and the Greek debt crisis, the Exchange suddenly and inexplicably halted buying and selling of stocks for 3 ½ hours. They claimed it was a “technical issue,” which I suppose was technically accurate if misleading. This and other major disruptions that day (such as the one at United Continental that forced the airline to ground dozens of flights, and another at The Wall Street Journal) soon pointed to cyber attacks, perhaps coordinated ones, as postulated by computer experts and conspiracy theorists alike.
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