Why I Oppose all Forms of Abortion


Last week, I wrote an article about abortion and how it is wrong. This week, I want to be a little more specific than I was last week.

And by specific, I mean broad. You see, my position on abortion is what many would consider “extreme.” There is no time, no place and no circumstance in which abortion is acceptable.

For the more liberally-minded among you, you are probably wondering, “No rape exception? What is he, insane?”

For the more conservatively-minded, you might be thinking, “You’ll never convince anyone to become pro-life if you aren’t willing to give a little.”

Innocent, unborn life deserves our utmost, unwavering support.

In order to explain this further, I’m going to list off the various “forms/types” of abortion and give my argument for why I oppose each.

First and Second Trimester Abortions

These abortions are likely what people think of first when the topic comes up, being the most common. Generally, I hear these abortions justified by several arguments, which I touched on briefly in the last article.

One argument is the viability of the fetus/baby. In other words, because it is too small and cannot survive on its own, aborting is justified. Others claim (in an argument tied into viability) that because the baby cannot feel pain or lacks a detectable heartbeat, aborting it is, again, justified. The most prevalent argument is the “choice” argument itself, where abortion proponents argue that a woman can choose to do what she wishes with her own body.

The first two arguments tie into a much bigger question: when does life begin? Put differently, when does the fetus become a baby? Personally, I believe that the fetus is always a baby, from conception forward, for three reasons.

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