Why Don’t Black Lives Matter to Other Blacks?


I live in northern Kentucky, just south of Cincinnati, Ohio. It seems that almost every day the news reports of another shooting. In the vast majority of these shootings, it’s a black person shooting another black person.

In the latest shooting, a 4 year old black girl was shot and killed when a minivan pulled up along a group of people standing outside an apartment complex and the passenger leaned out and opened fire. The four year girl was the only fatality of this shooting. The news interviewed one black woman who commented about the whole issue of Black Live Matters should apply to other blacks.

If you peruse the news of most major metropolitan areas, you will find an alarming number of black on black violence. They are shooting, stabbing and beating each other to death but no one is protesting any of these. Where are Al Sharpton and other black activists?

Do black lives matter only when it involves a white or Hispanic person?
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