Why did Obama prevent reformist Muslims from attending ‘summit on violent extremism’?


The White House has been adamant that the summit held last week addressed violent extremism and not Islam. Yet, as CNSNews reported (h/t reader Nevsky), the summit opened with a Muslim prayer, an honor conferred on no other religion. Liberal Los Angeles Times opinion writer Doyle McManus noted, moreover, in a column defending the administration:

The president uttered the words “Islam,” “Islamic” or “Muslim” 49 times in 34 minutes, and the words “terrorism” or “terrorist” 30 times. Anyone who thinks he’s ignoring the Islamic part of the problem isn’t paying attention — or else just trying to score political points.

Put somewhat differently, the summit — administration protestations notwithstanding — was very much about Islam, was in sum a rather lame defense of the more radical factions of that faith, and a stubborn refusal to connect it with the acts of terrorism that the Islamic State is carrying out in its name.

So if we can accept the premise that the summit was about Islam, and even if we can’t, why did the White House deny members of a prominent group of reformist Muslims from attending?
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