Whoopi Goldberg’s Hatred-Inducing Cultural Appropriation


In a National Review Column Katherine Timpf wrote about Whoppi Goldberg and cultural appropriation:

“I think there’s a lot of appropriation going back and forth, the weave . . . the weave doesn’t look like this,” Goldberg said, grabbing her own hair, and then adding “the weave kind of looks like this,” while pointing to the hair of her blonde co host.
“If you are going to talk about appropriating and what’s cool and what’s not, then we are all in deep doo-doo because we are doing it to each other constantly. Everybody is appropriating. Japanese are appropriating. Black folks are appropriating. Spanish people appropriate. We are appropriating each other. It’s not just a black thing.”

Ms. Timpf rightfully believes that the impact of the appropriation needs to be examined before the appropriator gets shamed. What she may not realize however that Whoopi Goldberg’s cultural appropriation has caused additional hatred toward a minority already the subject of bias throughout the world.
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