Who Says We Can’t Vote For Donald Trump?


Our elites have turned America into the “Can’t Do Capitol of the World”.

We can’t say the words “illegal immigrant” because it offends somebody.

We can’t pay off the national debt because it would be unreasonable and dangerous to do so.

We can’t talk about rampant crime and illiteracy amongst the black population because we are racists.

We can’t refuse to bake cakes or provide flowers for homosexual marriages. Citizen’s right to religious freedom be damned, the high, holy, and elite Federal Government has their own list of commandments that supersede all others.

We can’t defund the ACA and open up healthcare to a truly free-market system.

We can’t read Pacific Trade Pacts before they are passed.

We can’t stop ISIL in its tracks and demand they enter the 21st century.

We can’t stop Iran from gaining nuclear weapons.
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