We have all been treated to non-stop coverage on television and in newspapers of House Speaker Paul Ryan’s condemnation of presidential candidate Donald Trump and his statement that the United States should immediately block the all Muslims from entering the U.S. pending an investigation of their backgrounds. One article I read suggested that such a ban “may not even be constitutional.”

Speaker Paul Ryan declared, “That’s not what this party stands for and more importantly, it’s not what this country stands for.” It’s not a good sign for his career as Speaker, that Congressman Ryan’s remarks nearly parrot those of the Obama administration made earlier this week.

It doesn’t sound as if Speaker Ryan knows who we are as a people, so I wrote to inform him in the following letter:

Dear Mr. Speaker:

Clearly, you do not understand “who we are as a country,” so I will tell you. We are military veterans and the families of veterans who offered-up our lives and made numerous personal sacrifices for the freedom of these United States sacrifices that you cannot imagine and do not honor. We are middle-class working people whose hard-earned salaries you have wasted on worthless projects and programs.

We are Christians and church members who have watched as one administration after another attempted to deny our right to worship the one true God, and heard them tell us that we must keep quiet because there are a few atheists around. We are unemployed people who have lost jobs because Washington politicians like yourself have been unwilling to secure the Mexican border.

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