Whites Ordered To ‘The Back,’ ‘Blacks To The Front’ At BLM Rally In Philly


The temptation to start with something about “true colors shining through” is pretty strong.

At a Black Lives Matter protest in Philadelphia on Tuesday, a protest organizer was caught on video shouting at whites – including white media reporters – to move to the back of the crowd. Blacks were to move to the front. When people didn’t react immediately, the organizer shouted louder, adding a few F-bombs to emphasize her instructions.

Jillian Kay Melchior caught the sequence of events for Heatstreet:

“White media get to the back! Black media come to the front!” shouted an organizer with a bullhorn.

The organizer, annoyed that people weren’t immediately adhering to her instructions, began hectoring white journalists who hadn’t complied.

“Excuse me, sir!” she yelled. “Somebody needs to tell this person to get to the back…. Somebody needs to tell these folks to get to the back!”

“We are not afraid to put people out!” the organizer yelled. “White people to the back! Black people to the front!”

Melchior provided a round-up of the protesters’ grievances earlier in the day – which were heavy on the anti-police sentiment:

“This is an anti-police rally,” one local Black Lives Matter activist told a crowd, speaking from a microphone in the back of the pickup truck. At the march, which was called “Black DNC Resistance March Against Police Terrorism & State Repression” and began near Temple University, protestors chanted: “No Justice, No Peace, Take it to the Streets and F**k the Police.”

Thousands of police were on-hand to keep order, of course. Some of the protesters even suspected media of being undercover FBI agents, and tried to chase them away (with profanity).

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