White Supremacist finds out he’s black (video)



As if this story were written by Dave Chappelle himself, a white supremacist finds out on national TV that he’s 14 percent African.

That is exactly what happens to white supremacist Dave Chappelle, as art mimics life. Cobb plays iconic character, Clayton Grisby, the black white supremacist, a character forever etched in the imaginations of Americans who follow Chappelle’s work.

Here’s a picture of Clayton Grisby, “Black White Supremist” (he’s blind and has been raised as a bigot, never told he was black!), from The Chappelle Show:


As for Cobb, 14 percent is not exactly a “rounding error” on the genealogy footprint. Talk about a kick in the naughty bits…and on national TV!

Lucky for Craig Cobb, this footage was filmed in the UK, as this could give Cobb just enough time to sneak back to the white racist compound (also the Democrat Headquarters for that part of North Dakota) and collect his “shstuff.”

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