White Privilege, Religious Liberty, and the Left’s Diabolical Lies


Sometimes it’s difficult to determine whether the left should be feared, or mocked. There is no arguing that they are engaged in a diabolical agenda, absent of any “recognizable morality.” It is also equally apparent that they get so wrapped up in their lies that they can’t keep up with them. They desperately try to keep their narrative going, while the majority of us think of them as fools who will sell their own souls for the slightest gain of power. The latest example of this is the “Religion Expression” law generating so much controversy. In typical left wing fashion, the radical zealots are attempting to convince the masses that this bill is all about “rightwing oppression” of gays; when in fact, it is nothing of the sort. According to Mark Levin, it merely gives a religious person the right to protect their beliefs, and argue for them in a court of law. I would also argue that these rights and protections would extend to all religious peoples. I would even go one step further and say that gay people should not be forced to engage in any business practices that violate their personal code of morality as well. This isn’t the point of the article though. The point is how the left will double down on their own lies in light of the fact they have been exposed as liars. Which in the eyes of those who strive to live a wholesome life, makes them look even more diabolical.

Ever since this debacle began we have been educated about the origins of the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act,” and how it was originally introduced by the same Democrats who now describe it as a vehicle of oppression. Introduced in 1993 by Chuck Schumer, and signed into law by Bill Clinton, the bill passed a voice vote by ninety seven senators showing that one time, religious liberty meant something in America; even to Democrats. The truth is that Democrats and their “Progressive Republican” counterparts will go whatever direction needed to gain the most power. It served their interests back then to back religious liberty; now, it serves them to eviscerate it. The audacity, let alone the utter hypocrisy of these people to go on pretending we are too stupid to figure this out is astonishing. The sad reality is that many of us simply don’t know how to fight back. This is why they are able to get away with so many lies; because they are counting on the public being too distracted and too ignorant to take a stand.

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