White Liberals and the Blacks they Kill


White liberals are the most unctuous, phony and insincere breed that has ever plagued the earth. While they publicly proclaim their boundless love for black Americans – their political agenda and policies have been killing them for decades.

From the socialistic dogmas of the Great Society to rabidly dangerous gun control laws – the inner cities have been morphed into violent cauldrons where innocent black children are gunned down by gutless thugs armed with illegal handguns and WIC cards.

Truth be told — welfare was nothing more than a green light for young black women to have children out of wed-lock. And the manifestations of this immoral practice have been nothing short of insidious.

(Lest we forget: Just prior to the implementation of the socialistic dogmas of the 60′s — the black family was, for the most part — intact and doing well financially.)

Cities such as Chicago, Detroit and New Orleans are beleaguered by gangs of fatherless cretins that roam about killing for sport while on the public dole. These adolescent killers (with their butts fully exposed) have been taught that the white man is the “devil” and is responsible for their sorry affairs and abject living conditions.

Forget the fact that their fathers abandoned them while they were still in the womb — white libs (via their feckless policies) force taxpayers to foot the bill every time a one of these irresponsible and spineless absconders impregnates (yet) another women who fails to understand the meaning of “keep your damn legs closed.”

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