Whistleblower: Islamic groups control narrative of US Law Enforcement


Trained as an entomologist, retired DHS employee Philip Haney used his skills of observation and attention to detail at the Customs and Border Protection agency to keep Americans safe from violent jihadists.

Haney says it all comes down to “follow the trail, find the nest.”

But under pressure from the Department of State, which received letters like this one from external civil liberties groups that advocate for less scrutiny of Muslim groups, Haney’s superiors closed down his work on the Deobandi movement and many other potential terrorist groups.

Every component of government from the Department of Defense to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, law enforcement or threat detection programs are impacted. “This whole corrosion of law enforcement … the intrusion into the law enforcement arena started in 2006 and began to escalate,” he says.

Judicial Watch exposed the pressure put on the FBI to purge their training documents of material that may offend Islam.


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