While Publicly Trying To Make Amends, De Blasio Privately Continued Attacking Cops


While trying to repair his public image via meetings with police union heads, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has privately been urging his colleagues to blast those same union leaders for turning their backs on him in a disavowal of his incendiary racially-tinged commentary.

Police officers have been fed up with the mayor ever since he asserted that the of Eric Garner was the end product of centuries of racism” and said he had counseled his son Dante, who is biracial, never to reach for his cellphone when interacting with police, who will assume the worst of “a young man of color.”

Last week, the situation came to a head as police officers united and turned their backs on de Blasio as he entered the hospital to pay his respects to their slain colleagues and again when he eulogized murdered patrolman Rafael Ramos. Police resentment of the mayor reached a new high on Monday, when he spoke at the Police Academy graduation, where he was booed and called a traitor by audience members.

Apparently none of this has sat well with de Blasio, who despite outward attempts at reconciliation, was secretly organized a smear campaign against NYPD higher-ups.

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