So, Where’s YOUR Healthcare Plan, Republicans?


by Clark Howell

A few weeks ago I wrote a column called “An Alternative to Obamacare” that outlined an alternative plan to the Left’s massive takeover of one sixth of our economy through Obamacare. The comments generated by readers were not all kind, and I was accused of being, among other things, “an economically ignorant moron,” “a lib,” “still a lib at heart,” and “anti-free market” for presenting my “solutions.”

But, here’s the thing. AT LEAST IT’S A PLAN!! – or a good outline of a plan.

The GOP doesn’t really HAVE a plan – not one that has been thoroughly discussed or debated, studied, or even presented to the American people in a way that might be convincing, or MOVE people to action.

A recent piece on said as much about the GOP’s lack of a coherent plan. In fact, the writer actually suggested that the GOP should NOT present a plan, since “the Democrats are just going to shoot arrows at it. Obama will also crumple it up and throw it in his presidential wastebasket.”

Really? That’s a strategy? DON’T present a plan?

Even today, as I sit here and write this column, Jay Carney is scoring BIG points by responding to criticism of Obamacare by saying, “Where is Mitch McConnell’s plan?” He’ll be followed by Der Fuehrer himself (Obama), who will happily cart out some newly anointed recipients of the great “Affordable” Care Act, who will no doubt tell of the wonders of socialized medicine.

To summarize what I was talking about in MY plan, it would go something like this:
– 10 years to implement, including a LOT of education about the fundamentals of insurance, starting in middle school;
– Healthcare costs would (after the new plan went into effect) reflect actual market values, so that individuals would KNOW what they were “purchasing;”
– Since Healthcare costs would actually reflect “actual” costs of services, NOT having health insurance would be an unacceptable situation to BE in, unless the individual was truly incapable of knowing the difference, e.g., mentally impaired;

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