When Vengeance is an Honorable and a God-Honoring Thing


David Chilton titled his 2006 commentary on the book of Revelation The Days of Vengeance. That is a pretty accurate description of so much of what we find in this book. Before I go on to look at this in more detail, let me explain why I am raising this here.

I just wrote an article on the horrific killing of 21 Egyptians Coptic Christians by IS in Libya: billmuehlenberg.com/2015/02/17/remember-these-names/

Every Christian on the planet should be greatly concerned, not just about these brave martyrs, but the countless Christians slain in recent times by devout Muslims. More Christians have died for their faith in the past century than in the rest of the church’s 2000 year history.

While much of this came at the hands of godless Communists last century, a great proportion of it comes in the name of the political ideology known as Islam. But whoever is doing the killing, the truth is, there is a place for some righteous indignation here. We should be greatly bothered by the death of our brothers and sisters.

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