What Your Government Did to You When You Weren’t Looking


Revolutionary Wars have been fought over much less than what YOUR government just did to YOU.

While many Americans were enjoying the last days of summer vacation, our representatives, (Obama, Democrats in Congress and Republicans) just participated in their most deceitful act to date.

What they did while YOU weren’t looking, was pad their own pockets with more of YOUR money and put into place special protections for themselves from the consequences of the UNCONSTITUTIONAL laws they have placed on us. Congress has exempted
themselves from one of the most punishing aspects of Obamacare.

Back when the President pushed Obamacare through Congress, Republicans inserted a key provision requiring that every Congressman and staffer on Capitol Hill would be subjected to the same healthcare mandates forced on the hardworking, tax paying, law abiding American people

Of course, President Obama, made sure this did not apply to him or anybody working for him in the White House.

That was BEFORE the bill passed, when they still needed to get it through. Now that they know what’s in it, they want no part of it. Let the American people have it.

In fact, Congress was so terrified of Obamacare, staffers in BOTH parties in BOTH chambers of Congress threatened to quit if forced to endure Obamacare.

The result: President Obama and his administration RULED last week that Congress and their staff would be exempt from Obamacare.

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