What Law is Kim Davis Supposedly Defying?


Let’s assume, for this discussion let’s assume, that there is no controversy over that opinion. That there’s no controversy at all and that it’s sound in everything that it says…

Kentucky statutes, those laws that Kim Davis swore an oath to ultimately uphold, the Kentucky Constitution and the Kentucky statues, she is an obligated individual as an elected official to deal with those. And they specifically say, in part, that if you issue a license for marriage to someone who is not authorized by statute to receive that license for marriage, there are implications for the clerk. And those implications could be criminal.

So the Kentucky statutes have never been amended. Even if the court strikes down a law, as unconstitutional, another one that conforms to what they said doesn’t automatically just appear. What has to happen is the legislature must convene and they must address that particular opinion, and they must enact a law that would be consistent with or implements that particular opinion. Thus far the Kentucky General Assembly has not done that…
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