‘What Can I Do?’ You Can Run for Precinct Committeeman


This is the first article in a series about running for the political office of Republican Precinct Committeeman. The process varies from state to state, but the bottom line applies universally — get involved if you want to see a better GOP. 

Years before the rise of the Tea Party protest movement in early 2009 one of the more common conversations among conservatives at political events involved the questions, “What can be done?” “What’s the plan?” “What can I do?” The fact is, there hasn’t been much guidance available.

For many years some of us have been calling on everyone on the political right to stop being citizens in name only. We need a “troop surge,” we said, and we need to realize that involving ourselves in the work of “We the People” government is our duty, our obligation – it’s not an option.

The barriers to political participation are numerous. “I hate politics.” “I don’t have time for politics.” “I’ve got better things to do.” “It’s not my job.”

Hating politics is not an excuse for not participating in self-government, and few people I know have a lot of free time. All around us are the economic and cultural consequences of conservatives shunning political participation. And if you think it’s not your job, please go back to school and learn those opening words of the U.S. Constitution: “We the People.”
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