WH Breaking All the Rules–and Getting Away With It


by Resa “WARCHICK” LaRu Kirkland

I was just going to bed when I did what I always do: check the news out of North Korea and my email to see if anything is breaking, or might break, that would need my attention.

And there it was, from a man in the Utah National Guard I’d recently met whom I’ll call “Dave.” I always read anything sent by military men, active or otherwise. But this time I had another reason that immediately woke me up. The subject line, in all caps, which read:


First my eyes narrowed with curiosity and more than a little confusion. Why was the President writing to Utah Guardsmen about the shutdown? It all became crystal, and ominous, within the forward message sent by Dave:

In addition to my part time position in the Utah Guard, I’m a full time civilian employee of DoD and am among those who have been furloughed this week. I went into work anyway this morning to check on some things and saw this email from the President (below). I was stunned. I have been doing this for a long time and have never seen our communication system usurped like this. I filed a formal complaint with the IG (also below), but do not expect anything to come of that. I feel compelled to do more. There are some things I can’t do because they would involve misusing official networks and equipment, which is what the President did only I wouldn’t get away with it like he probably will. I think it could do some good if a group of us furloughed employees could make it known that we are not buying it. That would really undermine the narrative that those guys are trying to sell. I don’t have a Facebook page, a twitter account, or a blog and have never wished that I did. I can’t stand to just sit still for this.

That’s the story. Any thoughts?

Well, so much for the narrow-eyed Dirty Harry look. As I read the formal complaint he had filed with his Inspector General, Clint Eastwood vanished and I segued with break-neck speed into wide-eyed Home Alone.

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