We’ve Learned All the Wrong Lessons from 9/11


Last week on the 14th anniversary of 9/11 the hashtag “never forget” was trending. However, if the current direction of the country is any indication, forgetting is actually quite trendy these days.

Unless the (wrong) lesson we seemed to learn from 9/11 is how the very idea of American Exceptionalism is an affront to world peace. Or that the politically correct response to Islamo-fascism is to create a perpetual nanny state that chokes our Constitutional freedoms and economic prosperity in order to purge us of our micro-aggression.

Perhaps the hashtag “doing it wrong” should’ve been trending instead.

Sadly, this is pretty much where we are as we remember the bloody stain Islamo-fascism inflicted on our nation 14 years ago. With each passing year, our ‘never forgets’ become more and more insulting to the ear as President Obama’s Marxist reign takes us deeper into cultural and Constitutional oblivion.

Perhaps we need to start redirecting some of our annual melancholy toward a more regularly scheduled hazing of the homegrown fascists doing a much better job than the terrorists of gutting this nation? Build all the beautiful memorials and play all the video tape footage of planes crashing into buildings that you want, but what are those triggers intended to make us think and feel about who we are and where we live?

Permit me to point out five examples.
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