Westboro Baptist Church Loves to Hate


I write curriculum for one of the fastest growing churches in America. I’m proud of my church. It’s not perfect, but there is not a church on this side of Heaven that is. Still, I feel that our leadership is humble and surrendered to Jesus Christ. The mission of our church is to reach the unchurched and help them to become fully devoted followers of Christ. We try to represent Christ by teaching truth and loving people. Unfortunately, because of the size of our church and our mission to spread Jesus’ fame, we are often criticized. It doesn’t bother me that much. Not everyone will like me and not everyone will like my church. Westboro Baptist Church is one of those churches that definitely doesn’t like us. There is such a thing as tasteful dissension, but Westboro Baptist doesn’t seem to understand the value in simply agreeing to disagree.

Westboro Baptist showed up on our sidewalk to picket and discourage others from entering our building. We knew they were coming. Our pastor told the staff and congregation to be kind to the people of Westboro. He urged us to show love and grace in the face of persecution. I’ve got to be honest. Loving the people of Westboro was very difficult that day. They held up signs that labeled our church as a snake charming cult. There was even a sign that said, “They eat their children.” I work in Children’s Ministry. The only thing we eat in there is refined sugar in the form of laffy taffy. The protesters were shouting heinous lies about the people that I love and serve with.

I asked around about Westboro Baptist and was told that their website is literally godhatesfags.com. I cannot believe that there is a church out there that claims to know Christ and has the presumption to blaspheme His character in their web address. God IS love. God does not hate homosexuals. He loves them fiercely and radically. God hates sin, not people.

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