Wendy Davis Took the Cash and Dumped the Kid: That’s Her Pro-Choice


by Joe Wurzelbacher

It’s beginning to make sense why Wendy Davis is sooooo Pro-abortion: Turns out her own kid was dumped from her custody as an inconvenience to her selfish ambitions, her husband was a cash train to Harvard whom she jumped off from when final payment was made and government grants supplied the rest of her journey to candidate for high office in Texas – where Marxists are trying to turn things blue.

Of course she’s for abortion on demand!

You wonder sometimes why on earth a mom would even think of advocating that someone choose to have an abortion – especially a late-term or partial-birth variety when it’s so horrific and obviously a baby – you can literally see it breathing and struggling for life. But it is now coming to light that when it comes to Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate and liberal hero Wendy Davis’ own choices regarding motherhood, marriage and honesty – it’s no wonder she’s pushing abortion for anyone, anytime, anywhere for any reason: Her own child was inconvenient and her husband seemed to be good primarily for one thing: Financing her Harvard credentials.

I’d call her a gold digger, but that would be really slamming Gold Diggers everywhere. Hat tip Chuck Ross @ Daily Caller News Foundation

Davis actually divorced her first husband, Frank Underwood, at the age of 21, not 19, according to The Dallas Morning News. She also only lived in a trailer for a few months before moving in with her mother and then into an apartment of her own.

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